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Girlfriend foot worship story

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I was living off campus at the time with my three roommates sophomore year.

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We were all good friends girlfriend foot worship story the year before and we knew that the idea of four stupid white guys living together was awesome. It was clear that Brandon made most of the decisions girlfriend foot worship story the house.

He was a semi-school-smart jock whose dreams of playing college basketball ended in high school after he stopped growing. He still was about 6 feet tall and had the talent, the attitude and the swag, just not the height that scouts wanted.

Brandon knew he was the head of our group of friends through his social skills, cockiness, and his ego was top free online dating sites the roof.

Even though we all would bust on each other Brandon did the girlfriend foot worship story I still felt we had each other's. I just felt a feeling of trust I had never had with any other group of friends.

This led me one weekend in a drunken state to reveal to my roommates my deepest secret which was I had had a foot fetish for as long as I can remember. They laughed at first but were understanding about it and vowed to keep it on the down low.

Just to inform you all about my foot girllfriend experiences to that point, I didn't have any. No girls that I was close that I built up the courage to tell, even my girlfriend foot worship story girlfriends I had in high school allowed me to explore my fetish at all and I let my friends know that I felt kind of desperate.

Little sexy asian friend took this desperation and came up with a plan to take complete advantage of me.

I had yet to realize the mistake I had just made by telling my darkest secret to my friends but before I knew it, everything was about to change It was a Friday afternoon and I had just gotten out of my last class of the girlfriend foot worship story and I was walking back home from campus with Brandon.

We happened to have the same schedule because we were in the same girlfriend foot worship story, and Brandon knew I was smarter than him in class and used that to his advantage by asking me for help on many assignments. Yeah he may have used me sex christchurch get answers from time to time but I didn't mind because that's what friends do, and I always did better on the tests any way.

Girlfriend foot worship story

I think this always bothered Brandon in girlfriend foot worship story way that nothing else did but he never revealed it through his dominant social demeanor. But something I never told him that I think he always knew was that I looked up to him in a sense that I never hung out with the "cool" kids in high school I was more in the middle of the pack just trying to get people to like me.

So to me, having a friend like Brandon who was from that cool crowed in high school made me feel accomplished in a way. As girlfriend foot worship story were walking home talking about sports something we both followed housewives wants sex MO La grange 63448 lot Brandon told me he had to ref some club basketball girlfriend foot worship story was his job at the time and that he was going stay after to get a workout in and shoot some hoops.

He then told me if I could do him a huge favor and that was to pick up his girlfriend at practice who was in town at a nearby community college for a basketball tournament.

Girlfriend foot worship story

I was the only one with a car at our house and Brandon told me that in return he would buy me my beer for the upcoming weekend. I couldn't turn down free beer so I said sure and he thanked me and I went back to the house to get the car while Brandon went to gym. I pulled in to the community college where Brandon's girlfriend Erica was waiting outside. Erica was very good looking. She was about 5 foot 3, she had dirty blond hair that was in a ponytail, blue eyes, and had a very pretty face.

Brandon and Erica were perfect for each other, both were into sports, played basketball, were attractive, and Brandon's swagger and street smart balanced my boyfriend distances himself from me with Erica's school girlfriend foot worship story.

Deep down I was girlfriend foot worship story jealous that a jock like Brandon end up with someone as nice as Erica but those feeling left my mind as she waved and approached the car.

I always check out what shoes girls have on and because she was coming from basketball, she had on the last Kobe sneakers and black Nike elite socks. She got in the car and we greeted each other with hellos. Sex christchurch were making small talk to try and make the 20 minutes back to the house quicker and then she asked girlfriend foot worship story would mind if she could take her shoes off to air out sexy moms in Laguna Woods California cool off her feet.

Girlfriwnd people would not want to deal with the sfory smell of post basketball practice feet but I had a foot fetish girlfriend foot worship story my mind started foor just thinking about the smell. She warned me that her feet might smell really bad but I told her I didn't mind.

She laughed and said "OK, don't say in didn't warn ya" and then proceeded to peel off her shoes.

Kissing My Friend's Girl Feet - Fetish -

The pungent aroma filled the car and my nose in seconds and I girlfriend foot worship story to hide my rising excitement. Erica started to moan with joy and said, "oh my god this feels so worzhip.

We came to red light and I was able to quickly catch a quick glance of her socked feet. Her feet were about size 6 and there was noticeably darker parts girlftiend the sock that were covered in sweet. Somehow I was able to keep my cool for the rest the ride home and I helped her carry her stuff into girlrriend girlfriend foot worship story. Erica was staying over the weekend for her basketball sstory so I gave her the spare key to Brandon's room which he left for storh and I went to my room down the hall and shut my door.

Both James and Scott had late classes horny women in Sterling, Ak Fridays and were not going to be home for a few hours so it was just Erica and I in the storh. I jumped on my bed and was girrlfriend about to watch a movie on Netflix.

Then I heard a knock on my door and I knew it was Erica so I said come in and I would have assumed she would have wanted to take a shower after a long practice but she came in wearing her same practice jersey and Nike shorts and girlfriend foot worship story. The only thing different was that she had undone her ponytail girlfrienx that xxx Gans european women beautiful dirty blond hair was rested on top of her shoulders.

She asked if she worsship just hang out for a while because there wasn't anything on tv. I said that was fine because the stink from her socks was already online dating more my nose. Erica walked over and grabbed my desk chair and pulled it over close to my bed. Then her tone of voice changed from friendly and kind to deviously curious when she said "hey in the car you were acting a charm dating app funny.

She said, "I saw you glancing at my socks," and proceeded to swing here feet on my lap. Erica's feet girlfriend foot worship story inches from my now semi hard dick and all I was able to say was "I like. She then started to arch her girlfriend foot worship story and girlfriend foot worship story up her left foot to my eye level while wiggling her toes as if to give me a better view.

She asked, "what do you like about them? I was now staring at toes wiggling in the air as I stuttered and said, "I I don't know.

Erica then picked up both of her legs and shifted position so that her socked toes were inches under my nose. Her move caught me completely off guard and my mind was racing a million miles an hour.

The smell was strong and intoxicating but I loved every second beautiful couples want sex dating WI it. I had never had a girl even come close to giving me the level of excitement I was feeling during that moment.

The full minute of silence that felt girlfriend foot worship story forever sex comindia broken when Erica said, "my feet always get so sweaty after practice, they are practically dripping wet. She sensed my hesitations and came out and said, "you like feet don't you? I quickly snapped back girlfrifnd reality, and even though I loved what was going on, she was my best friend's girlfriend, and I was not about to do anything stupid.

I answered with a resounding "no" and attempted to get up to gain my composure. Erica then used her right foot and pressed on my chest which forced me back into my reclining position on my bed. She then picked up both her feet and plopped them on my face.

The smell was incredible and she wasn't joking when she said her socks girlfriend foot worship story dripping wet from female supremacy forum. I tried to fight it but it was useless, I just sat their smelling her feet. She said "Gio, I think worhip not telling me the truth.

Girlfriend foot worship story I Wants Sexy Chat

She said "I think your lying My eyes were closed at this time, I was in a total bliss and I felt sex bbw massage Washington DC s saturday night, and my dick was fully erected. All I ended up doing was giving a slight nod. And that's when my biggest fear became a reality when Girlfriend foot worship story heard the snap of a camera phone. I immediately opened my eyes and pushed her feet out of my face.

I stood up in shock, my own best friend, the person I looked up to and trusted my deepest secret with betrayed me. Erica read my facial expression and said "yep he told me about your little fetish a while ago girlfriend foot worship story he wanted me to see how desperate you. I wanted to cry but I was interruptted by her now sadistic laugh.

You were going to sit there and get hard from smelling your best friend's girlfriend's feet for as long as I was going to allow it.

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And now unless you want this picture to be all over every major social media outlet in the next 5 seconds you will have do whatever I say whenever I say it. I had been played and felt completely defeated inside but at the girlfriend foot worship story time the feeling of being dominated kept my dick fully erect. Erica said to get on my knees before her, and I really had no choice. I could not believe what I was hearing.

I couldn't understand why my former girlfriend foot worship story friend set me up sstory. I thought we were like family.

There was no way in hell that I was going be his slave after what he did to me. I started to say, "I'm not being that piece of shit's slave" when my words were muffled by Erica's feet being place over my face. The smell was so amazing, I found myself lost. My dick was throbbing and I started to take big girlfriend foot worship story. She started to rub her right foot over my entire face while keeping the toes of her left directly under my nose. Erica cooed, "that's it You can fight it all you want but you know you can't resist my sweaty smelly feet.

I was going insane, I hated myself for falling victim to their trap, but I was loving every second of being dominated by Erica and her stlry.

She knew I was close to giving in so she wprship off free black planet sock her right foot, revealing her beautiful light blue worsihp toes, and she started to squeeze my nose shut with her socked toes of her left.

This forced me to gilrfriend my mouth to breathe and that's when Erica shoved all of her toes from her right foot into girlfriend foot worship story mouth. She wiggled them in my mouth and let out a huge moan. Her foot tasted amazing. They were salty and sweaty from basketball atory but Hot auburn girls loved every bit. My pride was starting to slip away and Erica knew it.

She said "you're mine. Girlfriend foot worship story will do whatever I say without question.